Meet Joanne

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

After spending more than 10 years in the financial aid/education industry, Joanne was laid off. Although she knew how to use her company's internal computer systems, her general computer skills were outdated, so she took classes to upgrade her skills. However, even after completing the courses very quickly, she still found it difficult to find a job.

Workforce Solution

Joanne felt very discouraged, but she began to visit the SELACO WIB Cerritos career center frequently. There, she attended workshops and met with her case manager on a regular basis to review her résumé. “If I can offer any advice to other job seeker colleagues," said Joanne, "It would be to attend STEPS or any other workshops like it. When you are unemployed, you need all the motivation you can get. Update your skills; it will give you the confidence needed to job search. Listen to your case manager and attend all the workshops suggested; sometimes your perception of a good résumé is not what the workforce is looking for."

Outcomes & Benefits

Using the skills gained in various workshops, Joanne found a job lead through a networking contact. She applied, interviewed, and eventually was hired. “If it were not for my participation in the Career Center, I would have never secured my current employment, with UEI," said Joanne. "The contacts you can make while networking is key in your job search. Not only did I find encouragement, I met other colleagues that shared their job search experiences with me, which I found invaluable.”

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