Meet Jose

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Jose was unemployed and receiving Unemployment Insurance benefits. He wanted to obtain a California Class A (Commercial) Drivers License, but was finding it hard to meet basic financial obligations such as rent, much less enroll in an expensive training course. However, he knew he needed the training to better provide for his family, so he was researching training opportunities on the California Employment Development Department website when he found information about the Southeast Los Angeles County WIB.

Workforce Solution

At SELACO WIB, Jose met with a case manager, completed paperwork, and was approved for WIA assistance with training. Jose enrolled at Dolphin Trucking School. SELACO WIB also provided Jose with gas cards to assist in the high cost of transportation to and from training. "Providing me with gas cards ensured that I would be able to attend training on a daily basis, which helped me complete the course in a timely manner, stress free and get back into the workforce as soon as possible," said Jose.

Outcomes & Benefits

Jose completed the course, obtained his certification and license, and found work as a route driver for Culligan Water Company in the City of Orange, earning nearly 85% more than he had at his previous job. "If I had not gotten training through SELACO WIB I would never have [been able to afford] the much needed training," shared Jose. "My family would not have a safe place to live and the opportunity of a better living. I am very happy with the services and funding I received from SELACO WIB."

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