Meet Isabel

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

During Isabel's 17-year career, she'd worked for three different companies with no gaps in employment. "We heard rumors of possible layoffs to more than three hundred employees, but we were hoping for a miracle to happen and that somehow there would be enough money in the budget to keep us all employed," said Isabel. However, the rumors were true, and Isabel was laid off in April, 2010. She knew she'd been a good employee, and she hoped to find a new job quickly on her own.

Workforce Solution

When she visited the Workforce Center in Santa Fe Springs, CA, she did not really expect to need its services. However, she quickly realized that after so many years of continuous employment, she did not know how to prepare a résumé, how to apply for a job or how to handle an interview! She began attending workshops at SELACO WIB in Cerritos. Isabel regained her confidence, learned how to prepare a professional résumé, took computer classes that refreshed her skills and met many people that were in the same situation: everyone needed to find a new job.

Outcomes & Benefits

After submitting applications, interviewing, sending email and receiving many rejection letters, Isabel finally received a promising phone call from a potential employer. "Finally!" said Isabel. "[The call came thanks to networking with friends - the very way the SELACO WIB workshops taught me to do. Today, it has been six months since I found my new job in the legal department of a finance company, but I will always acknowledge and be thankful to organizations like SELACO WIB that made it all possible." Congratulations, Isabel!

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