Meet Yessica

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

After downsizing in August of 2008, Yessica was left without a job. For 10 years, she had worked at a commercial bakery as a packer in the distribution warehouse. She was determined to find employment no matter how long it took. As a single parent, her children were her number one priority. Three months passed and Yessica became very desperate. Her unemployment ran out, she was evicted from her apartment and all utilities were shut off.

Workforce Solution

Yessica went to the SELACO WIB career center for help with her job search. There, she spoke with a career counselor about her limited experience and difficulty finding work. Yessica had noticed that most available jobs seemed to be in the medical field. "My counselor suggested a career change into the nursing field and explained that SELACO WIB would pay for training," said Yessica. "I was thrilled and started school 2 weeks after. In 4 weeks I completed my training as a Certified Nurse Assistant.”

Outcomes & Benefits

“After three months, my career counselor provided me with a job lead and I interviewed for a CNA position. I was hired on March 4, 2009," Yessica shared. "I am very thankful to SELACO WIB and there are not enough words to express my deep gratitude. Services like this is what makes us better. We can all help each other in today’s world. I will never forget this. Thank you so much SELACO WIB.”

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