Meet Alfred

Story submitted by: Riverside County Workforce Development Centers

Workforce Challenge

Job-seeker Alfred Hook, 89, is a decorated World War II veteran who was awarded three Bronze Stars for heroic achievement in action. Recently, Alfred was looking for work to keep active in the community and help supplement his income.

Workforce Solution

The Workforce Development Center in Indio is partnering with the National Indian Council on Aging’s Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), a community service and work-based training program, to help older Americans receive training and find jobs. The program provides subsidized, service-based training for low-income people 55 and older who are unemployed and have poor employment prospects. Enrollment priority is given to people older than 60, veterans and qualified spouses of veterans. Preference is given to minority, limited English-speaking, eligible Native Americans and people who have the greatest economic need.

Alfred visited the Riverside County Workforce Development Center and was enrolled in SCSEP; the next step was to identify an appropriate job placement for him.

Outcomes & Benefits

Alfred was hired part-time at the Bridges of Hope Food Bank in Cathedral City. “I like it,” Alfred said. “It puts seniors to work. It makes me kind of free. I’m not depending on somebody else. [I'm happy to do] anything that can occupy my time,” he added. “I don’t want to sit home. I think it’s a very good program.”

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