Meet Ashley

Story submitted by: Riverside County Workforce Development Centers

Workforce Challenge

Ashley was seeking a better life for herself. A single mother and displaced worker, Ashley resorted to welfare to help make ends meet for her family. Things most people take for granted, such as picking up their children, buying groceries and paying bills continued to be a challenge. Ashley desperately needed employment and transportation, but in a difficult economy, these were not easy things to come by.

Workforce Solution

Ashley finally found relief through the Workforce Investment Board (WIB). She was able to complete an on-the-job training program and is now a travel trainer with Blindness Support Services in Riverside where she teaches people with disabilities how to travel on public transportation. Through the WIB's strong education and business partnerships, Ashley was also given a donated and refurbished 2007 Toyota Camry.

Local business AkzoNobel, Ben Clymer's The Body Shop, AAA of Southern California, Toyota of Riverside, Precison Glass and Tap's Automotive all worked together to restore the donated vehicle. Riverside's Mayor Ron Loveridge then directed the businesses to the Volunteer Center of Riverside County to find a deserving recipient.

Outcomes & Benefits

"It's changed my life," Ashley said about her new job and car. Now, she says she can easily make trips to get groceries and pick up her children without having to worry about transportation. And, with her new job, she is better able to provide for her family and has a higher self esteem.

"It was hard to describe the feeling that we all had watching Ashley's tears of joy when she was handed her keys and knew she would no longer have to rely on others for her basic needs," said Ben Clymer, Jr. Congratulations, Ashley!

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