Meet Jose

Story submitted by: City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Jose Bejarano worked in Rancho Dominguez, California, for one of the largest providers of security and identification-based smart car technologies. He steadily moved up the corporate ladder from Team Leader, to Supervisor, and finally to Production Manager. Six months after his last promotion, in April, 2009, he found himself laid off along with 200 other employees.

Workforce Solution

Lacking a formal education, Jose knew that his chances of securing a stable position were slim, but the day he came across Community Career Development, Inc.'s (CCD) Diesel Mechanic Training Program on Craigslist, his life changed.

Jose believes that the CCD's Educational Bridge/Diesel Mechanic training program has given him a brand new start - an opportunity to learn new technologies, obtain a state approved certification and most importantly, take remedial Math and English classes to obtain a GED.

Outcomes & Benefits

Jose was one of the top students in his training class. He plans to continue his education, obtain an Associate in Arts (AA) degree and become a community college instructor in Diesel Mechanics, mentoring students and giving back to the community that inspired him.

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