Meet Ara

Story submitted by: City of Los Angeles Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Ara Easley was laid off in May 2009. Although she participated in support groups for individuals who were between jobs, she grew frustrated in her job search and ultimately realized that these support groups did not provide essential and effective resources that would allow her to find employment.

Workforce Solution

Ara learned about a training program offered at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) in an email. Funded through WIA-ARRA, the LA Fellows Program directs its job training services to unemployed professionals. Ara joined the LA Fellows program in its inaugural cohort which was launched in October 2010.

By combining professional development and volunteer-ism, the LA Fellows program prepared Ara and the rest of her class for challenges they may encounter in the workforce through training sessions covering topics such as conflict management, customer service, and ethics.

Outcomes & Benefits

The seven-week Fellows program successfully aided Ara in rebuilding her confidence and helped her land a job as a temp-to-perm Bankruptcy Specialist at Bank of America.

"I highly recommend [LA Fellows]. They helped all of us work on ourselves, what we wanted, and how to say it. The emphasis on networking showed us HOW to get out in the world and get what we need."

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