Meet Linda

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

At 54 years of age, Linda had been unemployed for 2 years. Prior to being laid off, she worked as a Project Manager within the information systems industry. During her search for employment, Linda had seen jobs go to younger, more skilled, and better educated candidates. As the months went by, Linda felt hopeless about her job prospects in IT, but didn't know what to do.

Workforce Solution

While applying for an extension for unemployment, Linda discovered the SELACO WIB. She scheduled an appointment and met with a counselor within two days. "I signed up for the various classes that I needed for re-introduction into the workforce, and was mentored for the possibility of changing my profession," said Linda. Through the SELACO WIB, she received managerial training, which combined with her current skills enabled Linda to look at opportunities in other industries outside of high-tech. "SELACO WIB helped me to tear down the walls of rejection, depression and failure. I have even referred several family members, friends, neighbors and church members to visit their local Workforce Investment Board."

Outcomes & Benefits

"Thanks to the morale and educational support from SELACO WIB in Cerritos, for I am gainfully employed as an Account Manager for Healthcare Services Group," shared Linda. "Unemployment insurance is simply a means to carry us to the next phase until a person is employed again. We need this organization and other agencies who share the same objective: to help this country get back to where we should be. I speak for so many who have lost faith and think their voice doesn’t matter."

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