Meet Jesus

Story submitted by: San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Jesus, a resident of Redlands, enrolled to receive state aid after losing his job. As a parent, this was his only option to keep his family afloat while he looked for work. “Jobs were scarce,” he said. “For a year, I applied for jobs five days a week with no success.”

When Jesus learned about the Subsidized Training Employment Program (STEP) through the Workforce Investment Board of San Bernardino County, he immediately saw it as a way to get off of welfare and return to work.

Workforce Solution

Through the STEP program, Jesus accepted a position in the maintenance department at Dalton Trucking. For nine months he dedicated himself to learning as much as he could and pitching in whenever someone needed an extra hand.

Outcomes & Benefits

One day, Jesus was called into his supervisor’s office. “They told me they needed a loader and asked how I felt about the opportunity,” Jesus said. “I told them I was ready to step up.”

Jesus has now been with Dalton for a year. He is proud to be financially self-sufficient and making a good wage for his family. He foresees himself advancing within the company and is always willing to take on extra tasks.

“The STEP program trained me and put me to work,” Jesus said. “When I learned I had the support and the opportunity, I found a way I could strive to be the best.”

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