Business Success: Omnia Furniture

Story submitted by: San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

After the housing bubble burst, Virginia Aragon, Human Resources Manager at Omnia Furniture in Ontario, froze hiring and began reducing employee work hours in order to cut costs.

“We were trying to keep as many of our current employees as possible. It was very hard to turn people away who came in and asked for a job application,” she said. “Their stories were heartbreaking but there was nothing we could do.”

Workforce Solution

Through the County's Business Services Office, Omnia Furniture received federal layoff aversion dollars to obtain business consulting services from DEIVIN Consulting. The goal was to streamline operations, retain employees and fuel future growth. Their recommendations helped Omnia hone their internal communication systems to run a leaner, more efficient operation and reduce "re-working" from mistakes made on the manufacturing floor.

Outcomes & Benefits

Within a few months of working with DEIVIN, the changes Omnia Furniture implemented allowed them to go back to a five-day week and they hired 12 new people.

“It felt good to say we’re accepting applications again, Aragon said. “A lot of work is a good problem to have.”

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