Home Meridian International

Story submitted by: San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Home Meridian International (HMI) wanted to relocate its distribution center from Phoenix, AZ to California so that it could realize greater efficiency and cost savings with a closer proximity to the Port of Los Angeles. After identifying a location in Redlands, CA, HMI needed assistance with staffing the new location and training the new employees so that the new center would be up and running quickly.

Workforce Solution

Through the San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board, HMI learned of available human resources services and On-The-Job training incentives. By using the WIB's Employment Resource Center, HMI could realize considerable savings on recruiting costs and on the costs of getting brand new employees up to speed on their business processes.

“Experts at the Employment Resource Center in San Bernardino handled the hiring process for us, including finding and screening candidates, scheduling interviews and setting us up in a private conference room,” said Ted Danciart, who oversaw the opening of the distribution center.

Outcomes & Benefits

Ten San Bernardino residents were hired through On-The-Job training contracts, and Home Meridian International is currently considering hiring more personnel through the Employment Resource Center. “We are very pleased with all of the individuals we hired using this process,” said Danicart

“This program creates an opportunity for businesses in our County to realize substantial cost savings using federal training funds for their employees, while creating job opportunities for our local residents who have struggled with long-term unemployment,” said Sandy Harmsen, Executive Director of the Workforce Investment Board and Director of the Workforce Development Department in San Bernardino County.

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