Meet Yvette

Story submitted by: Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Yvette is an 18 year old living in Los Angeles. She attended Locke High School before she transferred to a charter school, Heritage-College Ready Academy in Los Angeles. She graduated in 2009 and planned to pursue a career in business or the nursing field. She heard about the WIA/ARRA Summer Youth Employment Program from a friend and knew that some work experience would be valuable for her.

Workforce Solution

Yvette was placed at and the Los Angeles County Community and Senior Services department. She helped provide clerical assistance to the WIA Program Operations staff, which she enjoyed very much. She enjoyed working in a professional environment with managers that were ready to help her succeed. She was very grateful for this opportunity, and said that the job an experience that she will cherish for the rest of her life. Every two weeks when she got her pay check, she put $100 in the bank for her car and the rest of the money went to her mom to help pay bills.

Outcomes & Benefits

When the program was over, she returned to college as a part-time student at Los Angeles City College. In the future, she plans on finding a part-time job to work so that she would be able to pay for her own expenses while she is in college.

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