Meet Cameron

Story submitted by: Asian-American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP), an LA County WIA Provider

Workforce Challenge

Cameron, a high school graduate, had a shaky start to adult life. After his mother’s death, he turned to crime and substance abuse. He knew he would need a job if he was to make something of himself.

Workforce Solution

A friend recommended the Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP), a WIA provider contracted through the LA County Workforce Board. At AADAP, Cameron was recommended for several job placements, but encountered barriers to employment when he disclosed his criminal record. AADAP was able to fund a position at the AADAP Center working for the Center’s director.

Outcomes & Benefits

Cameron performs custodial and clerical duties at the center. Cameron said, “I enjoy this job very much because it’s offering me a second chance.” He feels that this job is good for him because it is giving him a real sense of work ethic. This job has taught Cameron more about himself and how to set goals. He’s gaining experience that will help him establish an employment history and hopefully advance to higher paying positions. He hopes to go back to school one day and major in kinesiology, so he can be a basketball coach.

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