Meet Kristopher

Story submitted by: Asian-American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP), an LA County WIA Provider

Workforce Challenge

After the deaths of his parents, Kristopher struggled with drug addiction and poor decisions that eventually landed him in jail. Upon his release, he was ordered to counseling at the Asian American Drug Abuse Program (AADAP) so he could stop using drugs and make some changes in his life. The 20-year had his high school diploma and also had some part-time work experience, but he needed to plan for his future and figure out how to earn a living.

Workforce Solution

AADAP is a WIA service provider through the County of Los Angeles. They were able to place Kristopher in a temporary job at their site, where he repaired and updated their computer system. He is a bright young man and he found the work helped him to focus, maintain sobriety, and adjust to a professional work environment.

Outcomes & Benefits

At the end of the summer work program, Kristopher was hired as a full-time receptionist at AADAP, where he now answers the phone, sorts and distributes mail, and assists clients. Kristopher has now been clean for over a year. Kristopher said, “I plan on staying that way and eventually will start school again part-time so that I can pursue a career. My check is helping me to survive in the real world.”

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