Meet Yela

Story submitted by: Southeast Area Social Services Funding Authority (SASSFA)

Workforce Challenge

Yela is a resilient young woman who overcame a difficult childhood and adolescence by escaping a very unstable home in Texas and coming to California alone. She enrolled at Cerritos College and began studying psychology. After a stay with relatives didn’t work out, Yela entered a recovery program and lived in a transitional shelter in Whittier, determined to try to continue school and make something of herself. After six months in the shelter, her eligibility was about to expire, and she asked a recovery counselor for assistance.

Workforce Solution

Yela’s counselor recommended that she enter the Summer Youth Employment program through SASSFA (Southeast Area Social Services Funding Authority, a WIA youth provider for the County of Los Angeles. The staff quickly recognized Yela as a bright, willing, and capable young woman, so they put her to work immediately in the Summer Youth Office in Pico Rivera as an administrative assistant. After the summer, she continued part-time in the SASSFA Santa Fe Springs office.

Outcomes & Benefits

Yela was able to continue her schooling, and find an apartment while working part time in the SASSFA Main Office in Santa Fe Springs. Her dream is to continue on with school, transfer to a 4-year university and major in Psychology.

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