Meet Mario

Story submitted by: Southeast Area Social Services Funding Authority (SASSFA)

Workforce Challenge

Mario had never held a job when he came to the Southeast Area Social Services Funding Authority (SASSFA) office in 2009. He was apprehensive about getting a job, proving himself, and being accepted by coworkers

Workforce Solution

Mario qualified for the WIA summer youth program offered through SASSFA and the Los Angeles County Workforce Board. In fact, SASSFA hired him as an assistant in their own office, providing him with a welcoming professional environment and the chance to learn office skills and build his resume.

Outcomes & Benefits

Mario was very grateful for the opportunity to work at SASSFA. He said, “SASSFA also provided me with skills that hold a deeper meaning to me. They taught me life skills and people skills. These attributes not only helped me become a better worker but a better person and I thank them for that.” He called his work experience “the opportunity of a lifetime,” and in his young life, it was.

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