Meet Dianne

Story submitted by: Antelope Valley WorkSource Center

Workforce Challenge

Dianne re-entered the workforce following her divorce, after 10 years as a homemaker. She enjoyed her job as a Proposal Coordinator, but was laid off in June 2009 after less than a year. When Dianne came to Antelope Valley WorkSource Center she was struggling to find employment, save her home, and support her 18 year old son. Although her work experience was extensive, she faced challenges with being a mature worker who lacked the required formal education for many of the jobs she sought.

Workforce Solution

The Academy of Learning is an Antelope Valley Worksource Center program that teaches the essential concepts and skill sets in interviewing, resume writing, job search, networking, and salary negotiation in order to help an individual in getting back to work, but also provides a “humanistic approach” that addresses the participant’s struggles with confidence and self esteem as a laid-off worker and helps them regain their footing and feel more positive about their abilities and themselves.

When Dianne was asked to participate in the Academy of Learning she quickly agreed without knowing what to expect. She was determined to do whatever was necessary to get back to work.

Outcomes & Benefits

After Dianne completed the Academy of Learning she stated that “it put everything in perspective for her”. She did not realize that her divorce had such a big impact on her ability to look for work. The support system the Academy provided assisted in her ability-to-cope process. Armed with renewed confidence, Dianne started networking with old colleagues and on March 1, 2010, she was hired by Northrop Grumman Corporation as a Technical Services Engineer 3, making a salary she had only dreamed about in the past.

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