Meet Byron

Story submitted by: South Valley WorkSource Center

Workforce Challenge

Byron is a veteran of the U.S. Army where he served for 8 years in the Army and the National Guard. In April 2009, a large grocery chain closed 9 stores in Southern California, including the Lancaster location where he was employed for 2 years. Byron was devastated by the loss of his job and wasn’t optimistic about his chances to obtain a job in the near future until he learned about security guard training at the South Valley WorkSource Center.

Workforce Solution

Byron enrolled in the WIA Program as one of the first ARRA Dislocated Worker clients for the 2009-10 fiscal year. He felt that his military service and desire to enroll in college and get his Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice would be enhanced if he became a Security Guard. The training was offered by the South Valley Worksource Center as part of a local effort to create a trained applicant pool for available security jobs in the area.

Outcomes & Benefits

Byron completed the training in July 2009 and was hired on the spot by Copper Eagle Patrol and Security in Santa Clarita in August 2009. He stated that the South Valley WorkSource Center offered guidance and direction in addition to job readiness preparation skills and he is thankful to the WorkSource Center for providing the training and job lead. He informed Staff that he enjoys his job and is thankful for his new career.

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