Meet John

Story submitted by: South Valley WorkSource Center

Workforce Challenge

John is an IT Professional who worked as a Server, Systems and Network Administrator for over 18 years. In April 2009, John found himself a victim of corporate downsizing when he was laid off from the position he had held for 11 years. He needed to return to work quickly in order to support his family.

Workforce Solution

John sought the services of the South Valley WorkSource Center when he learned that his current skills and certifications were outdated and without training he would be less competitive in the job market. John requested training to update his skills, which was made possible through training available through Workforce Investment Act program. John successfully completed the 4 week training program and earned his CCNA/ CEH/ CISSP certifications. Upon completion of his training he worked closely with the South Valley WorkSource case managers to obtain assistance with his resume revisions, interview preparation, as well as industry specific job leads.

Outcomes & Benefits

In August of 2010, the South Valley WorkSource Center submitted John’s resume for consideration for an IT Systems Specialist position with Antelope Valley Federal Credit Union. Where he interviewed and was extended an offer of employment. John is thankful for all the support, encouragement and training provided by the South Valley WorkSource Center during his time of need.

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