Mrs. C

Story submitted by: Northeast San Fernando Valley WorkSource Center

Workforce Challenge

Mrs. C interrupted her education at California State University Northridge (CSUN) for eight years to be a homemaker for her family - a husband and three small children. When her daughters began attending school, she decided it was time to continue her education and seek employment. This was a challenging task since so much had changed in the job market and she was not up to date with current computer skills.

Workforce Solution

Mrs. C came to the Northeast San Fernando Valley WorkSource Center for assistance. She attended WIA orientation and was assigned to a Case Manager in November 2008, who developed a plan to bring her office skills up to date and to continue with her education.

She attended the twelve week Office Clerical Assistant Program and internship program at the Northeast San Fernando Valley WorkSource Center. Mrs. C then decided that more education would enhance her opportunities in the job market, but she was unable to enroll at CSUN because enrollment had closed. Her case manager helped her appeal the decision, and she returned to CSUN in the fall of 2009.

Outcomes & Benefits

Mrs. C's decision paid off. She worked very hard and when graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in June, 2010, she started a new job at Bank of America three days later.

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