Ms. L

Story submitted by: South Valley WorkSource Center

Workforce Challenge

Ms. L is a young adult with no prior work experience. Although she has accumulated many hours of volunteer experience with various community organizations, gaining employment without work experience has been her greatest struggle. Her long term employment goal was to attend the Los Angeles Police Academy and become a Law Enforcement Officer and eventually a Detective. When the South Valley WorkSource Center held an ARRA-funded Security Guard Training to address workforce needs in the area, she saw an opportunity that would help her towards her goal.

Workforce Solution

Ms. L was one of over 200 people to attend the training orientation, where she qualified for WIA and ARRA Adult assistance. She completed Security Guard training in July 2009 and began to work on her interviewing skills and her first resume under the guidance of her Case Manager while awaiting her Bureau of Security and Investigative Services background check.

Outcomes & Benefits

Upon receiving her Security Guard License, she interviewed and was offered employment as a Dispatcher/ Security Officer with a company and Security in Santa Clarita.

Ms. L. states that the South Valley WorkSource Center offered guidance and direction, in addition to job readiness preparation skills. She is thankful to the WorkSource Center for providing her training and the job development assistance.

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