Meet Mr. B

Story submitted by: Hub Cities WorkSource Center

Workforce Challenge

Mr. B. had a history of being in and out of temporary employment; however, he knew that he had to find something more secure because he was expecting a daughter in 3 months.

Workforce Solution

At Hub Cities WorkSource Center Mr. B was received assistance with funding for vocational training to pursue a career as a truck driver. He began the course to obtain his Commercial Drivers License (CDL), and decided also to pursue his Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), which is a type of biometric identification card that allows holder access to areas secured by the TSA. He knew that with this credential, he'd be able to obtain a higher-paying job.

Outcomes & Benefits

Soon after completing his training, Mr. B was hired as a Truck Driver at the Ports of L.A. He makes more than a starting truck position would pay and is able to financially provide for his partner and new born daughter.

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