Meet Erick

Story submitted by: L.A. Works

Workforce Challenge

Erick is a recent high school graduate who participated in L.A. Works residential college program. At enrollment, he was an active gang member and was referred to LA Works by school personnel. Erick came to the program reading at a 6th grade level and with 8th grade math skills.

Workforce Solution

At LA Works, the staff saw his potential and recognized his desire to change his life. He received remedial assistance to increase his academic levels, and with personal attention, was able to make up for lost time.

Outcomes & Benefits

Given personal history and academic challenges, he would not have been recognized as college bound. However, as of October 2009, Erick is a full time college student studying to be an architect. He works part-time and no longer participates in any gang related activities. He mentors younger siblings and cousins to give up the life of gangs.

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