Meet Liliana

Story submitted by: L.A. Works

Workforce Challenge

Liliana came to LA Works as a low income, struggling high school student from a single parent home. She often missed school to take care of her siblings. The career center director at her school referred her to LA Works and she enrolled in College Works.

Workforce Solution

College Works is a two-week residential college immersion experience offered through a partnership with the University of New Mexico. As a part of this program, students receive 30 hours of SAT/ACT preparation training offered by campus staff. The participants also have the opportunity to gain work experience on campus. In addition, the students attend various career exploration and college planning workshops that provide information on college admission, financial aid and life skills. Upon completion of this 2-week program, youth will receive 1 unit of college credit.

Liliana greatly enjoyed the residential college experience. She was inspired to finish high school and go to college. Unfortunately before she could finish high school, all the children in Liliana’s home (including her) were placed in protective custody and became part of the foster care system. While in foster care, Liliana struggled to keep in contact with LA Works.

Outcomes & Benefits

Fortunately, Liliana's time in foster care was short and she was able to return to LA Works. She is now a high school graduate and has completed 3 community college semesters. She continues to receive services from LA Works as she prepares to transfer to a university. She is also a volunteer and mentor to youth currently enrolled in College Works.

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