Meet Unesha

Story submitted by: Hub Cities WorkSource Center

Workforce Challenge

Unesha enrolled in the WIA Youth Program at Hub Cities WorkSource Center to achieve gainful employment that would pay for her tuition and living expenses. As an emancipated foster youth she was living in transitional housing and the deadline for departure was approaching. Working two part-time jobs, both at minimum wage, were not providing the necessary income to pay for both housing and tuition.

Workforce Solution

Hub Cities assisted Unesha with her job search, and a very determined Unesha obtained a position with PL$ Check Cashers as a Vehicle Registration Clerk. She also obtained new living arrangements with a family member and was able to focus on continuing her education.

Outcomes & Benefits

Despite all the adversities in her life, Unesha enrolled at Cerritos College where she will obtain an AA in Liberal Arts (Mental Health) by December, 2010. She plans to transfer to Cal State Fullerton to pursue a B.A. in Human Services with a minor in Mental Health. Unesha is planning on helping those she feels are less privileged than her.

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