Meet Breanne

Story submitted by: L.A. Works

Workforce Challenge

Breanne is a very bright young lady who is looks forward to being the first in her family to attend college. She enrolled in the WIA Youth Program through L.A. Works WorkSource Center as a 17 year old who attended 10 different elementary and middle schools. Breanne’s mom is a low skilled worker who found it difficult to support two children after her divorce.
They moved a lot because they would stay with a family member or friend as long as they could and then move on to someone else. The instability put a great stress on the family. All through school Breanne was encouraged by her mom to keep her grades up as it would pay off one day. She completed all 4 years at one high school even though her living situation was unstable.

Workforce Solution

Through Hub Cities Youth Program and other WIA-funded programs, Breanne received information, guidance and the support she needed. While still in high school, she began taking college classes because of her excellent grades.

Outcomes & Benefits

Upon high school graduation, Breanne had earned 16 college credits. She now lives on a college campus, in a dorm room.

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