Meet Javier

Story submitted by: Hub Cities WorkSource Center

Workforce Challenge

Javier, 18 years old, was raised by his grandmother as a single child with no other siblings. He came from a very modest home with only his grandmother’s Social Security pension and county food stamp aid to support them. Although Javier is a very intelligent individual, he was basic skills deficient and had a lower score overall on the Test for Adult Basic Education language section. Javier lives in a rough neighborhood where there is a lot gang activity.

Workforce Solution

Javier was enrolled in the WIA Youth Program at Hub Cities WorkSource Center and qualified for the In-School program. The In-School Program uses long-term intervention strategies to improve basic skills, teach leadership and prepare participants for employment. Javier also was enrolled in the youth program and was part of the College Preparation Program, where he was able to gain pre-college experience, independence and self motivation. He re-enrolled for 2009/10 for additional assistance that he and Hub Cities felt he needed.

Outcomes & Benefits

Javier is currently enrolled as a full time student at California State University, Los Angeles, where he resides in the on-campus dorms and is employed part time at a local retail store. Javier said, “I want to thank Hub Cities for the wonderful opportunity that it has given me. Participating in the College Preparation Program has influenced my decision to continue my education and has motivated me to live on campus. I now see the way work experience has shaped me and allowed me to gain employment so that I may pay my way through school."

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