Meet Matthew

Story submitted by: L.A. Works

Workforce Challenge

Matthew is a senior in high school who receives special education services. He had always struggled in school, especially in Algebra. His father died suddenly 2 years ago and this impacted his grades and academic performance. He joined L.A. Works WorksSource Center in the summer of 2009 for intervention to help to help under achieving-students complete high school and move to college.

Workforce Solution

Through LA Works, Matthew participated in the College Program, where he was exposed to college life and received mentoring, which he he will continue to receive throughout high school. The College Program, though made a huge difference in Matthew's school performance.

Outcomes & Benefits

Since returning from the college program he has changed his attitude the possibilities for his future. In the first grading period, Matthew earned an A+ in Algebra and has A’s in all of his classes. His mom states that he is a different person since being in the program. He has more confidence and believes in his own ability to succeed.

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