Business Success: Houston & Harris PCS

Story submitted by: San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

In early 2010, Pam Houston, general manager and co-owner of Houston & Harris PCS located in Grand Terrace, CA, was forced to lay off employees. The best she could hope for at the time was to hang in there and survive until the sluggish economy recovered.

Laid-off employees visited the local Employment Resource Centers for assistance, but the San Bernardino County Business Services supervisor was tasked with helping companies who were struggling financially and facing additional layoffs: companies like Houston & Harris PCS.

Workforce Solution

Houston & Harris PCS used federal layoff aversion dollars to obtain services from DEIVIN Consulting through the County's Business Services office. The goal was to streamline operations, retain employees and fuel future growth. Recommendations included administrative improvements around phone call tracking and customer tracking, and examination of costs such as overtime and drive time.

Outcomes & Benefits

Although it was challenging for the company to analyze and change so many of its daily processes, the outcome has been worth the hard work. Houston & Harris PCS reported that they have increased business contacts and are beginning to hire again. "Things are looking a lot brighter now," says Houston.

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