Meet Ashlynn

Story submitted by: San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

In December 2009, Ashlynn Hornbeck struggled to support herself and pay for classes on a part-time salary from a local fast-food restaurant. Rising tuition pushed her further away from her dream of becoming a Registered Nurse.

With a 25% youth unemployment rate in San Bernardino County, Hornbeck was one of thousands of youth struggling to find a career.

Workforce Solution

Funded by the San Bernardino Workforce Investment Board, Hornbeck discovered the certified nursing assistant job training program at the Career Institute. It was in her words, "an amazing blessing."

"I got a job against all the odds!" she proudly exclaimed of her internship position at the Villa Mesa Care Center. "I feel like I can go out there now and do anything."

Outcomes & Benefits

Not only was Hornbeck able to find steady employment, she found one-on-one guidance with a mentor and is now a part-time college student gaining valuable work experience in her career field. In August 2010, Hornbeck along with 101 local youth were honored for completing their summer work experience program, occupational certification and for receiving their customer service certification.

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