Horizon Hobby, Inc.

Story submitted by: San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Horizon Hobby, Inc. is a medium sized company in Ontario, CA with corporate headquarters in Illinois. Even though they had moved operations to California, they struggled to understand the labor laws of this state.

"We try to give managers more information so that we are always in compliance," said Eduardo Cruz, human resources manager at Horizon Hobby. "We want to make sure that all of our employees are classified correctly and that we follow the respective laws to the letter."

Workforce Solution

Eduardo learned about the California Employers Association HR Hotline that was provided at no cost to businesses by the San Bernardino County Workforce Investment Board.

"I took full advantage of this valuable resource and found myself learning a lot more about compliance and wage and hour issues in California," he said.

The HR Hotline also helped Horizon save money by directing Eduardo to a training session that would qualify him to lead mandatory harassment workshops with employees.

Outcomes & Benefits

Eduardo rests easy knowing that Horizon Hobby is in full compliance with California laws, which not only benefits the business but also their valued employees.

"I especially want to thank Mari Bradford for being readily available to help me and for providing me with compliance documents that I have been able to apply at our company," Eduardo said. "I truly feel that this Hotline has given me and other businesses the opportunity to do business well in California."

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