Meet Frank

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

After being laid off from a job he held for fifteen years, Frank jumped into the search for a new position, but made many mistakes in marketing himself to employers. With no prior experience conducting a job search, Frank looked for jobs online and emailed out a résumé packed with a laundry list of his qualifications. When no interviews appeared, Frank felt like a failure. He had been a model employee for years and thought that his work ethic and qualifications should be apparent from his résumé.

Workforce Solution

At the SELACO WIB in Cerritos, Frank enrolled in workshops given sharpen his job search skills. He learned how to customize his résumé, write an effective cover letter, manage his job search more efficiently and prepare for a job interview. He also attended a 3-day seminar called Steps to Economic and Personal Success that is designed to help jobseekers think positively and understand their personal strengths.

From his workshops, Frank was surprised me to learn that 80% of all available jobs are never advertised. This hidden job market is accessed through networking, and Frank set out to tell everyone he knew that he was in the market for a new job. When he renewed contact with a supervisor he had many years ago, Frank received a referral to an open position that had yet to be advertised.

Outcomes & Benefits

Frank used his new job search skills to prepare for his interview. “I knew that I could not afford to leave any stone unturned when it came to making me stand out from the crowd,” he said.

After the interview, Frank received a call. They were very interested in him and offered to upgrade the pay. Frank accepted the offer. He is now six months into his new job and actually looks forward to Mondays. Frank shared the following feedback with the workforce office: “I credit the SELACO WIB office for teaching me to put my best foot forward and helping me to shine in the process." Congratulations, Frank!

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