Meet Juan

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Juan was referred to the Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board (SELACO WIB) by his parole officer. He had just been released from a correctional facility and needed help in researching career options that were open to employees with a criminal record. Furthermore, he needed funding for training costs, transportation and housing.

Workforce Solution

“SELACO WIB provided me with a case manager that assisted me in researching career options, a task I knew nothing about," said Juan. "They also helped identify employment opportunities and provided assistance in the form of gas cards for transportation and vouchers for interview clothing. Besides the services SELACO offered directly, they were also able to refer me to local assistance for housing."

Outcomes & Benefits

"It is important to keep SELACO WIB running for the benefit of the community," Juan shared. "I am now a licensed class A driver working in the transportation and warehousing field. I’m able to sustain independent housing, and feel good about my job. I am very grateful for the support and services received from SELACO WIB."

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