Meet Franjoli

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Franjoli was referred to Southeast Los Angeles County (SELACO) WIB by a friend who had also visited the career center. She had just been laid off for from her third retail position in a year. The faltering economy meant that retail industry was doing poorly, but this was the only field in which Franjoli had experience. She didn’t know how to look for a job other than walking up and down the mall asking for applications.

Workforce Solution

At SELACO WIB, Franjoli learned how to use different office machines such as a computer, copy machine and fax machine. She developed a professional résumé and learned how to email her résumé as an attachment when applying for a position. Additionally, she acquired job search skills and began to look for a position outside of the retail field. “The job lead room and access to the Internet made a huge difference when I was searching for employment,” said Franjoli.

Outcomes & Benefits

Franjoli used her new skills to apply and interview for a job as a bank teller. She now works for Bank of America, has employee benefits and makes a much better hourly wage than she did working in a retail store. “I would like to thank everyone at SELACO WIB in Cerritos who helped me find employment. I would have been lost without SELACO WIB," said Franjoli. "I have peace of mind that I am in a field that has stability and many opportunities for promotions.” Congratulations, Franjoli!

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