Meet Celeste

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Celeste was a Real Estate Loan Processor with over six years of experience. After several years of consecutive decline in the housing market, with sales and commissions disappearing, she went to the Southeast Los Angeles County WIB (SELACO WIB) for assistance with retraining into an occupation where the pay would be more stable.

Workforce Solution

“After receiving career counseling with a thorough assessment, I applied for and was accepted into the Downey Adult School Licensed Vocational Nursing Program," said Celeste. "Despite not have having been in school for over a decade, I dove right in and graduated. It was a tough 30 weeks with only my unemployment insurance check as income. Thankfully, I had SELACO WIB to assist me with tuition, supplies and job search costs.”

Outcomes & Benefits

“After demonstrating my skills, proving my abilities and having certification I secured employment with All Home, earning a good living. I am proof that with the assistance of WIA funds, adults of all ages and backgrounds can successfully retrain for good jobs in different industries.”

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