Meet Crystal

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Crystal enrolled in Community Youth Corps when she was 17 years old. She was a high school drop-out, was deficient in basic skills and did not have any income. At the time she was living with a friend in Norwalk, who was allowing her to stay with him as long as she helped with babysitting. Her goal was to obtain her GED and eventually enroll into some type of training.

Workforce Solution

Crystal attended CYC’s GED preparation classes until she was old enough to take the GED test. Fortunately, she passed all five subjects with very good scores on her first attempt. Because she was also enrolled in the CalGRIP program as a younger youth, she qualified for a grant to enroll in a job training program. After much research she decided to pursue training as a medical assistant.

Outcomes & Benefits

After obtaining her GED, Crystal enrolled into ABC Adult School. She is now in her second quarter of the Medical Assisting program and is looking forward to finding a job when she completes the program requirements.

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