Meet Maria

Story submitted by: Southeast Los Angeles County Workforce Investment Board

Workforce Challenge

Maria was unemployed, had limited English skills, and was without financial support when she came to the Southeast Los Angeles WIB (SELACO WIB). She had several different job qualifications, but really wanted a clerical/secretarial position.

Workforce Solution

After completing her administrative assistant career path training, attending the résumé and cover letter workshops, Mrs. Anaya registered with several employment agencies. SELACO WIB staff referred her to “The Hanger” for professional interview attire.

Maria was willing to take any job to support her family. She was offered a position in a warehouse as a general laborer and was also offered a position with a hospital as a nutrition advisor. Mrs. Anaya chose the nutrition advisor position due to the salary and the possibility for growth. Maria never gave up hope for a clerical/secretarial position and whenever she had time she came to SELACO WIB to practice her typing skills, use the in-house WINDOWS tutorials and update her résumé. After two months in her position, the hospital advertised a position in her department for a Lead Nutrition Advisor with clerical responsibilities. Maria applied for the job.

Outcomes & Benefits

Maria secured the promotion to Lead Nutrition Advisor and is now responsible for scheduling, reporting and all clerical tasks involved as lead of her department.

“This opportunity would not have been available to me without SELACO WIB," said Maria. "I was able to gain the needed computer skills, typing skills, and software skills such as Quicken and Excel. Without these skills or access to software that helped maintain the skills I learned in training, I would have never gained the position I enjoy now." Congratulations, Maria!

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